3 ways to make money online

3 Ways to Make Money Online

Our parents used to tell us to study hard and take up a job to have a good life. This means, if you had a good job, only then could you enjoy a good life. This is no longer true.

It is all due to the internet. Working online and earning dollars or big bucks has become commonplace today. Many internet entrepreneurs have emerged in the last five years. Many more have tried to emulate them; however, not all have been successful. Being successful on the internet requires discipline and diligence. It also requires great patience.

If you want a passive income from the internet, then you will require a great deal of patience.

Here, I will show you three ways in which you can laugh all the way to the bank, if you work online with discipline and diligence.

  1. Do freelance work:
    There are a number of websites, which allow freelancers with specific skill-sets to provide their services online. A number of these sites pay anywhere between US$5 to US$100 for any service you may be able to offer. The money is paid to the service provider only after the project poster approves his work. When the project poster (or client) awards the work to the freelancer, he deposits money into an escrow account. This escrow account is managed by the online platform, which brings together the client and the service provider. Examples of such websites are www.worknhire.com, www.freelancer.com, etc.
  2. Blogging:
    Blogging as a career option is slowly and steadily picking up in countries where the internet has come late. India is a good example of such a country. There are full-time bloggers who earn close to a lakh a month, just by writing blogs. However, it is important to mention here that blogging requires a lot of time and effort. In addition, it takes a lot of time for a blog to gain traffic. It will take close to a year for a blog to become popular. In certain cases, this time may reduce, if the blogger starts promoting his blog on social media himself.
  3. Be a YouTube sensation:
    Lately, YouTube has become a major source of earning for many people. This is due to its reach and ease of use. A YouTube channel works similar to a blog. You have to choose a subject or category on which you would like to make videos. Once this is done, you can create the videos and upload them on your YouTube channel. For this, you will have to log on to YouTube, visit the Features page and sign in with your Google account. You will see a Channels tab. This page will let you set up your own channel and monetize it.Irrespective of whatever method you choose from the above, to reach your first million, by working on the internet, it is certain that you will require a great deal of patience and discipline to be successful on this medium. Who said making money was an easy task.

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